Kanye West had another of his seemingly manic, barely coherent Twitter meltdowns over the weekend in which he admitted to having "$53 million in personal debt," and then performed a millionaire's version of panhandling by asking Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page to give him money. Also, he's begging fans to subscribe to Tidal.

Once again proving that Twitter is just a tool for public embarrassment when left in the wrong hands without a handler present, West went off about wanting to "make shit dope" and "bring dope shit to the world," comparing himself to Walt Disney. But he characterizes this as a "time of need" and lets us all know just how deeply in debt he is, maybe because of the mansions that he and Kim keep buying and selling, or because Tidal has turned out to be such a flop.

The Wrap reports that downloads of the free Tidal app spiked on Sunday after Kanye's plea, but that doesn't mean many people were subscribing to the streaming service. It ranked number 31 in the "top grossing" chart of apps in the Apple app store, while Spotify is the third highest grossing app at the moment.

West decided Sunday to pull his new album, The Life of Pablo, from his own site where it was supposed to be available for purchase, making it exclusively available this week on Tidal. According to TechCrunch, West owns only a "small stake" in Tidal, while friend Jay-Z owns a larger share.

There's no word yet on what he meant by "Ima fix wolves."

San Fran? Come on now.

If you're going to ask our billionaires for spare change, please do not call it San Fran.

Also, he does know that Mark Zuckerberg is not on Twitter, right?

Update: It's Monday, and Kanye is back at it. If there isn't a publicist within arm's reach to take his phone away, maybe Kim is going to have to step up.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian West, who has over twice as many Twitter followers as her husband, only had this to say.

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