It's been almost a year since we had a music video cover of a hit song attempt to shine a spotlight on the gnashing of San Francisco's inequality teeth, and so it feels about right that last week a local artist teamed up with a local filmmaker to release a critique of city policy under Mayor Ed Lee. The video, a play on Adele's "Hello," calls out the Mayor and Ron Conway once again for their perceived selling out of the city to the moneyed interests of tech.

"Hello, Ed Lee," the song begins. "I was hoping we could talk about a tale of two cities / And not the book, but reality / They say you started on our side / But you were bought and sold by greed."

The video is a collaboration between singer Candace Roberts, filmmaker Jane Goldman, and the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project. In a statement, Roberts and Goldman called the video "a last ditch effort to get Mayor Ed Lee’s attention."

Which, maybe? Ed Lee never really struck me as an Adele type of guy. Anyway, you can watch the video below and decide for yourself if this is an effective piece of pop-inspired protest.

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