First he temporarily halted sex offender outpatient clinic Sharper Future, originally scheduled to open in the former Duboce Triangle Out of the Closet and AIDS Health Foundation space on the first of the month. Then, last night, Supervisor Scott Wiener had to put a stop to an angry meeting of the always vocal Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association. There, discussion concerning the clinic, as ABC 7 and NBC Bay Area report, became so pitched that the Supervisor brought the meeting to its early end. Correction: The meeting continued after a brief interruption.

Sharper Future is a for-profit facility serving sex offenders on parole and probation with whom it contracts through the State Department of Corrections. Currently located on Market Street in a building to be torn down in May, the business doesn't need to move immediately but does need to find a new home.

"I understand that knee jerk reaction, believe me," said Sharper Future spokesperson Mary-Perry Miller. "Everybody has kind of a gut reaction to the word sex offender." But Miller emphasizes that the center would be open just three days a week, serving 15-20 patients who already live in the City of San Francisco on each of those days, and that the treatment these registered sex offenders receive from Sharper Future is medical in nature. "Part of the property is zoned for medical treatment. It was used for medical treatment, had a pharmacy in the past and still is zoned that way," Miller said. "They are engaging in a therapeutic relationship, which makes them safer."

However, for neighbors to see the center as intended for people's medical treatment and the good of the city as a whole would require conceiving of Sharper Future's patients as human and San Francisco as a series of co-dependent neighborhoods. That's not very likely to happen. "Don't expect us to drink your Kool-Aid when it's poison," KTVU quotes neighborhood grandmother Jeannette Dupais-Walker from the meeting

The appeal window on the proposal has closed, but the vociferous fight has just begun. "There are two preschools within 250 feet of that location," said nearby resident David Lytle, citing a distance that will be measure by the Department of Corrections to make sure it meets requirements.

After that measurement is taken, an appeal will be considered next week.

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