Award-winning musician Justin Bieber was in San Francisco this weekend, but it wasn't to attend the Super Bowl, he reportedly told fans. So, what was he doing here? While a cynical soul might assume that he'd been paid to attend one or more of the glitzy Super Bowl related parties going on Saturday night...

...I choose to think that he was here to frolic gaily in the grass, playing with his friends.

Like this! Here he is, reportedly on the greenway at Fort Mason, playing a game of duck, duck, goose with pals.

Joining Bieber in that beloved childhood game? Model Hailey Baldwin, who is rumored to be dating the singer, I guess? Good for them, may they be eternally happy. She's the one in the ripped jeans.

She loving the crew

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By the way, did it get that hot in San Francisco this weekend? Shirtless hot?

Life is like a box of chocolates

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That caption perplexes me. Is he describing himself as the box of chocolates? San Francisco? The contents of his conspicuously branded underwear? Or is he just suggesting that he shares certain qualities with Forrest Gump, whose mother reportedly originated that statement?

San Francisco

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Hey, at least he wasn't playing in traffic!

Anyway, Beth was right: Bieber reportedly took the stage with A$AP Rocky at the Maxim Super Bowl event, then later partied at the Battery. Here's a photo of Bieber at the latter, via an anonymous SFist tipster.

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