Levi's Stadium's turf troubles are well-known, as last year, the team repeatedly replaced hundreds of yards worth of field, and this year the field's been re-sodded at least six times. In fact, a whole new field went in between January 4-11! But it apparently wasn't enough, as not only are Super Bowl 50 spectators noting that the grass looks "terrible," but players on both teams are getting pissed as hell as the game progresses.

According to commentators Phil Sims and Jim Nants, players keep changing out their cleats during the game (like a teen girl on the first day of school or Cher during a Vegas show), as they slip and slide across the field.

Even before the game, things were looking iffy on the field, SB Nation reports.

And things just got worse once the game began. According to Sims, players are "frustrated" and have gestured toward the turf in anger several times throughout the game.

Thnn again...