A petition created by an anonymous individual seeks to challenge the Board of Supervisors' recent decision to declare July 22 a day in honor of Mario Woods. The petition calls the Supervisors to task for their vote, and is being widely shared and promoted on social media by the San Francisco Police Officers Association.

"The recent actions by the Board of Supervisors has stirred many debates," Martin Halloran, president of SFPOA, wrote yesterday on Facebook. "A citizen, not associated with the POA, has established an 'I Petition' campaign denouncing the 'Day of Remembrance' for Mario Woods. Our law enforcement allies at American Police Beat and PubSecAlliance have forwarded this petition, at the request of the POA, to law enforcement associations throughout the country."

The petition, titled "'NO' Mario Woods 'Remembrance Day,'" went live on January 27, and as of this writing has over 6,700 signatures.

Whoever is behind the petition has refused to identify herself publicly, but spoke with the Examiner about her motives on the condition of anonymity.

“Somebody who has contributed to society, a fireman, someone who has rescued somebody, that’s an honor,” she said. “This fellow is not honorable. I don’t think it’s appropriate and I don’t think it’s fair that 11 people should mandate something like this,” she noted before adding that “[it] seems to be that if you yell and scream, and march, and chain yourselves to things, you get what you want.”

The woman behind the petition identified herself to the paper only as a retired city worker, and she told the Examiner that she brought 400 printed pages of signatures to Supervisor Wiener's office last week.

"It required a unanimous vote to pass this resolution," an update to the petition reads. "If just one supervisor had stood up and said 'I don't think this is right,' we wouldn't be here today."

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