When a Bud Light truck bottomed out on a steep hill at Jones and California yesterday afternoon, we took a small bit of admitted pleasure in laughing at the charming naivete on display. Like, dude, you tried to turn that truck down that street? But today we learn that yesterday's incident wasn't the only case of San Francisco's wonderful hills threatening to spike the cheap-beer-fueled Super Bowl party dreams of out-of-town visitors. In fact, the very same hill at Jones and California Street said "no thank you" to a Miller Lite truck just last week.

SFist reader Court Toomey was walking home last week when he came across the scene pictured above.

"Cops and an industrial tow truck were there for over an hour," explained Toomey.

Unfortunately Toomey didn't have any photos of the industrial tow truck used to pull this thing off the crest (we asked), but we imagine it was no easy feat.

So what is going on here? Bad GPS directions followed by out-of-town delivery drivers? Maybe. Or maybe this beautiful San Francisco hill is making a bold statement just in time for Super Bowl 50: No cheap beer shall pass here.

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