Some colors just seem like San Francisco — Giants orange, the Instagram-ready hue of the Golden Gate Bridge, and the dull yet welcoming brown of Muni unforms are just a few examples. So it is with great interest that we learn Muni is now voting on whether or not to replace that familiar brown with a cold, foggy gray.

We could start seeing the new uniforms on the street in April, reports the Examiner, if a majority of the roughly 2,600 operators approve the change.

“The gray is leading the brown by a considerable margin,” SFMTA Director of Transportation Ed Reiskin reportedly told the SFMTA board.

Apparently the color change is not being driven by concerns of fashion but rather comfort.

“The material in our current uniforms is terrible,” union president Eric D. Williams told the paper. “Color doesn’t matter to me. Being comfortable while working is important.”

The new uniforms will ideally both breathe (apparently unlike the old ones) and hold up in the rain.

Not schooled in color theory, we won't venture to guess how this change (if it goes through) will impact the way we view the people that drive us around. However, we all may just end up loving the new uniforms — after all, gray is the color of fog, and it doesn't get a lot more San Franciscan than that.

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