Chubbies, San Francisco's foremost purveyor of short-shorts and chill-wear for dudes, hopes to fully associate their brand with weekend shenanigans, and that's where Editorial Director Grant Marek comes in.

The mastermind behind the company's latest shtick, an IRL Mario Kart parody that's racked up over 19 million views on Facebook, tells SFist that the heretofore clothing company we noted among SFist's best local fashion labels is going full lifestyle brand, preparing to launch its own content site. "We've got like two million social media fans," Marek notes, "and obviously not all of them are customers. Some of them just like our content and what we produce."

You know, things like this stunt reminiscent of the annual Bring Your Own Big Wheel race held in Potrero which originated on Lombard.

"The only cost for [the shoot] was the cars," Marek notes. "We actually had a monkey costume, and we had all the Mario and Luigi stuff. The princess costume was an accountants' roommate's from Halloween, and all the actors are people that work here."

That's right, there were no stunt doubles... but maybe there ought to have been. "The red onesie that Mario was wearing was pretty much destroyed... especially the backside," Marek confides. (Mario himself healed quickly.)

Marek sees the Chubbies content team as a group humorists, though one — as opposed to the folks at popular male-focused humor sites like College Humor or Funny or Die — that's "less a band of comedians and more a band of fun-seekers."

For example, take Chubbies real-life adaptation of the board game/toy thing Hungry Hungry Hippos:


Next up? Marek wants to recreate the tennis ball cannon game from American Gladiators. They'll shoot in Golden Gate or Dolores Park, and possibly allow outsiders to compete for an internship. "We just need to get to singlet weather," he says.

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