Duboce Triangle residents have been granted more time to sharpen their pitchforks and light their torches: Sharper Future, the sex offender rehabilitation center expected to "quietly" open on 100 Church Street at Duboce Avenue by February 1st will likely be delayed. That's because, according to Hoodline, Supervisor Scott Wiener requested that the landlord, a hospice center for HIV and AIDS patients called Maitri which operates on the second floor of the building, suspend its lease negotiations with Sharper Future regarding the former Out of the Closet space on the ground floor.

"I am writing to request that Maitri cease moving forward with this lease until it engages in robust community outreach," Wiener wrote. "When Maitri informed my office of the possibility of Sharper Future moving into 100 Church Street, we made clear that community outreach should occur before any final decisions were made." Though Wiener expressed support for the "admirable" work of the would-be tenant, he added that it would be "critical to engage in strong community outreach, consultation, and dialogue."

Of course, it's possible that discussion and outreach are exactly what Maitri and Sharper Future were hoping to avoid. And who could blame them, as the conversation surrounding people convicted of sex crimes in America is particularly ungenerous. But attempting to fly under the radar might have provided critics another reason to cast suspicion on Sharper Future.

The Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association (DTNA) wrote to their website that they were as "surprised as the rest of the neighborhood to learn" of the new tenant... While DTNA is not expressing any opinions about Sharper Image [sic.] or their proposed business at 100 Church at this time, the announcement has created a great deal of concern in the neighborhood and it is easy to understand why residents are very upset that there was zero community outreach prior to the consummation of the lease."

Sharper Future's representatives will be in attendance at DTNA's next general meeting on February 8th. "If you have concerns or questions about Sharper Future's business and their plans," DTNA writes, "please attend and use this opportunity to ask them directly."

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