A year after Out Of The Closet and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation moved out of their space at Church and Duboce across from the N-Judah stop, a new tenant is readying for arrival.

As Hoodline announces, that will be private-sector mental health service provider Sharper Future, an acronym for "Social Habilitation And Relapse Prevention-Expert Resources." They'll be offering their services for registered sex offenders — people automatically placed on a Megan's Law list following their conviction of a sex crime.

Obviously neighbors won't love the news, but, says Dr. Miller of Sharper Future, the center is used to the skepticisim. At a previous location they outgrew at 1540 Market Street, "we have had a positive effect on the neighborhood," she said. "We hope that over time the community will come to appreciate our positive influence on the area."

"The building was selected by Sharper Future after a very extensive and lengthy search for a new home for our agency," said Dr. Miller. "As you know the commercial real estate market has become very expensive and limited in the past two years. This made our search even more difficult as we are largely funded by federal and state contracts."

Six staff members will work with roughly 90 registered sex offenders who must report to the center as a condition of their parole for any period of time from five years to life.

Starting February 1st, Sharper Future will "roll out services quietly."