Security for Super Bowl 50 is sure to be tight, and the FBI has already warned us about all the potential ways that terrorists could ruin Santa Clara's big game, but what about the Super Bowl City up here in San Francisco? We now have an inkling as to what the fan screening process to get into the fenced-off Super Bowl City will look like. Hint: It's not going to be fun.

An official with the San Francisco Department of Emergency Services told ABC 7 yesterday that entering the closed off area — you know, where all the concerts and exciting football-related stuff is to be located — will be akin to getting through a TSA screening at SFO.

"Similar to what happens when you go to the airport," answered Bijan Karimi of SFDES when asked about the thoroughness of the police screening process.

We've heard a lot about the upcoming downtown Super Bowl City, and how in shutting off multiple city blocks to regular public access the three-week closure will likely hurt vendors based in the area. This, however, is really the first time we've been given a clear idea as to just how tight security around the area will actually be.

Oh, and there will apparently be only four spots at which fans can enter or exit Super Bowl City, so expect pedestrian in-and-out traffic to mimic automobile congestion on the surrounding streets.

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