A device that may have been an actual bomb was detonated yesterday by a Walnut Creek bomb squad after being found in the house of a man who had allegedly threatened to harm Muslims.

Richmond police evacuated the surrounding 5100 block of McBryde Avenue before the bomb squad detonated the device, reports KRON 4.

The alleged bomb-maker has been identified as 55-year-old William Celli, notes CBS 5, and he is apparently a die-hard trump fan. Celli pledged loyalty to Donald Trump on Facebook, noting that he would "follow [Trump] to the end of the world."

The discovery followed a tip to authorities last Thursday that a Richmond resident (the city, not the neighborhood) had expressed a desire to harm Muslims, reports ABC 7. Apparently after obtaining a search warrant and searching the home yesterday, police found the suspicious device.

Celli was arrested yesterday morning, and no one was injured when the device was detonated.

Unlike the unspecified bomb-threat against San Francisco schools made last week that was deemed to be not credible, this tip to police apparently was convincing enough to lead to the issuing of a search warrant.

We eagerly await statements from prominent members of the Trump community condemning Celli's alleged actions.

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