Three of the largest landlords in the US, Equity Residential, AvalonBay Communities Inc., and Camden Property Trust, have discussed the possibility of formally allowing their tenants to market rooms through Airbnb — if they can take a cut. The Wall Street Journal has the story, and after all, plenty of their apartment dwellers are already Airbnb-ing with no plans to stop.

"Right now, [major landlords] don’t have any control over this situation,” vice president of industry technology initiatives at the National Multifamily Housing Council Rick Haughey tells Bloomberg. “They don’t have control over how often people are renting their units out, and they don’t have any control as to who’s coming in. They don’t know.”

Equity Residential CEO David Santee agrees, and having seen the light, tells the Journal he's looking for "a way to figure out how can everybody coexist, bring transparency and figure out a way that everybody can win.” Says Santee, "You just can’t turn your head or keep your head in the sand over what’s going on.”

“A lot of our hosts are renters,” said friend Christopher Nulty, who is somehow still Airbnb's spokesperson after his handling of Airbnb's disastrous, passive aggressive ad campaign this fall. “Any solution we would be able to identify would be a win-win-win for everyone involved.”

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