A 22-year-old man was with a female friend in Dolores Park Tuesday evening when the pair was approached by a group of male suspects, one of whom asked if they wanted to buy some marijuana. The man and his friend said no, and the pot dealer then asked if the guy was part of any gang. When he said no — apparently the safer answer here was yes? — the group of five to seven men attacked him, stabbing him in the torso and forearm with a knife.

The female friend, age 24, had her wallet stolen in the scuffle, but it was later "recovered" according to Bay City News.

As the Chron reports, the female friend's wallet was found in the area, as was the knife, after the SFPD arrived and canvassed the scene.

It's unclear what part of the park this occurred in, but only the northern half and the playground are open and not fenced off.

This is the first violent crime we've heard about in the park since July, when two men were shot, apparently arbitrarily, while standing on the footbridge over the Muni tracks early one Sunday morning.

Tuesday's stabbing occurred around 6:30 p.m., and no suspects have been identified.

Thankfully, the man's wounds were superficial and non-life-threatening.

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