The narrow lots located on Octavia Boulevard between and Oak and Fell Streets could soon be a lot more crowded as plans to develop the 18-foot-wide parcels have been submitted to the Planning Department.

SocketSite reports that the two lots would become home to two identical buildings designed by Envelope A+D, and would each include four two-bedroom condos and eight studio condos in addition to ground floor retail space.

The proposed buildings would even come with a sliver of a green roof, for all the lounging needs of future tenants.

Will it cast a shadow over nearby Patricia's Green, you can practically hear the NIMBYs thinking. SocketSite notes that the San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department has deemed a potential sunshine decrease to be "insignificant."

Expect to see more and more proposed infill projects like this one as resourceful developers continue to search for new plots in a place that ain't getting any bigger to the North, East, or West.


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Rendering via Envelope AD.