SFPD released the names of the officers involved in the Dec. 2 shooting of Mario Woods. The five officers named are Winson Seto, Antonio Santos, Charles August, Nicholas Cuevas and Scott Phillips.

According to a court document posted by Oakland journalist Scott Morris on Twitter, Officer August is involved in an excessive force suit from 2013:

Reporter Kate Conger also uncovered some other information about August, which she also posted on Twitter:

This, too:

On Friday, attorney John Burris announced he would be filing a civil rights lawsuit against the SFPD on behalf of Woods' family. Protests swept the city on Friday, including walk-outs from several local high schools and middle schools. Hundreds of students marched off campus and towards City Hall to voice their anger and outrage over Woods' unjust killing.

"It's not right what's happening," Diana Rodriguez, a student at John O'Connell High School told ABC-7. "I'm scared because I have nephews and nieces that could be endangered too."

Pierce Whitney, a seventh grader at San Francisco Community School was among several dozen students and activists who convened at the 16th Street BART station before heading to City Hall, where they met with another group of students who had walked out of school, SF Gate reports.

"It’s scary," Whitney told SF Gate. "It feels like you see it on the news almost every day and it didn’t always seem like this. You wonder what’s happening to the world."