If hoping to leave your heart in San Francisco, perhaps consider Treasure Island? According to a crackpot new survey by a thing called EliteSingles which appears to be a dating site aggregator of sorts, Treasure Island is teeming with men and women who self-identify as "hot."

Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the survey respondent, and the site's query of 80,000 users revealed that San Franciscans overall rated themselves higher on a scale of attractiveness than users in other cities. Then they broke it down by SF neighborhood, and totally lost us. The results picked up by Mashable were as follows:

The top 10 cities were people have inflated egos identify as attractive.

1. San Francisco
2. Atlanta
3. Boston
4. Charlotte
5. Brooklyn
6. Chicago
7. Dallas
8. Orlando
9. Seattle
10. Tampa

The Top 10 "SF Neighborhoods" where people are bangin' in their own less than humble estimation:

1. Treasure Island
2. South Park
3. Fillmore
4. Parnassus
5. Forest Hill
6. Lakeside
7. Sunnyside
8. South Beach
9. Portola
10. Sea Cliff

Trying to interpret this "data" in some valuable way, we might be able to glean that San Franciscans who responded to a survey about how attractive they might be are the most confident singles in the country. See you tonight for all the action on a radioactive artificial island? Sounds good.

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