Not everyone is a fan of the rare case of reverse gentrification to visit Mission Street this past fall. It appears that a concerned citizen has spray painted a warning to police on the exterior of what was once The Fizzary. The shuttered purveyor of sweets has become a notorious late-night gambling den, and also played host to an October shooting.

Reading "HEY SFPD SFFD ABC ↓ ILLEGAL CLUB ↓" and "ILLEGAL ↑ DANGEROUS," someone is clearly trying to get the attention of SFPD's Mission Station.

Capp Street Crap reports that the spray paint warning went up over the weekend.

In the last two months alone there have been 18 reported late-night calls to the police for complaints of someone disturbing the peace at The Fizzary's address, according to a SFPD database.

The problem of illegal gambling dens is nothing new, with the Excelsior neighborhood in particular having a long history of the after-hours spots. At a press conference in mid October, Supervisor John Avalos spoke of the need to shut the clubs down.

Ingleside Police Captain Joseph McFadden told The Examiner at the time that his department was "looking for the bigger kingpins in it, the people that are handling the money."

In the case of the once-Fizzary, it appears that while police may still be on the hunt for whoever is in charge, at least one neighbor is sick of waiting.

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