Is it juvenile to laugh at the story of a Vietnamese-Australian man named Phuc Dat Bich (pronounced like foo da beak, sort of) who's been repeatedly banned from Facebook for what the social media network believes is a false name? Well, blame the London Evening Standard.

In a tale similar to that of this SF woman whose name is Isis, Mr. Bich, 23, complained to his Facebook friends that the company has had his account shut off "several times" despite having submitted his legal passport showing his name. He writes, "I’ve been accused of using a false and misleading name, which I find very offensive."

But the thing is Phuc and Bich are pretty common names in Vietnam, as the guy in the video below explains with his own pronunciation guide for English speakers.

And Mr. Bich doesn't find this very funny, even though as the Times of India notes, his original Facebook post has now been shared over 120,000 times. "Is it because I'm Asian? Is it?" he asks.

His is just one of many stories about the often ignorantly enforced "real name" policy at Facebook, which has recently drawn the ire of the drag community, many of whose members use their stage/drag names amongst friends in everyday life.

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