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Black Friday and Cyber Monday mean big discounts, but do you really think about how much money you're still spending? Holiday gift giving is a fun tradition, sure, but so many of us use these mega-sales as an opportunity to indulge in gifts for ourselves: the TV, tablet, iPhone, e-reader, game console, laptop, or the espresso machine you’ve been eyeing all year. Buying even just a few of these popular Black Friday deals can add up to $2,000 or more in one three-day weekend. Ouch.

Instead of splurging on electronics with a short shelf life, think about using that money to invest in your own grown-up future. Like putting it towards a 10% down payment on a house so you can stop paying ridiculous rent. Taking a break from Black Fridays can help you save for that 10% much, much faster.

Sounds boring, right? A lot more boring than playing that new video game console over the holidays. But saving now could mean celebrating the next Black Friday from the comfort of your new place.

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