Members of the Fisherman's Wharf Community Benefit District would like it known that they are not cool with medical marijuana. Like, no way man. In response to efforts to bring a medical cannabis dispensary to 2627 Taylor Street, the Executive Director of the FWCBD has started a petition to oppose the business. Apparently, a small storefront selling marijuana to prescription-bearing individuals is totally NOT OK, but all that other touristy garbage in Fisherman's Wharf is totally fine.

The petition speaks to fears that the dispensary, Krinze, would be in conflict with the neighborhood's atmosphere, and that if the business became successful it could encourage other dispensaries to move to the area.

"Fisherman’s Wharf is a jewel of San Francisco and I stand firm that it is not a suitable site for the proposed dispensary," the petition author writes. "To approve an MCD [medical cannabis dispensary] at this location would be a complete disregard of the district’s identity and with no clustering controls for MCDs this will be the beginning of a corrosive effect on its status as a family friendly destination."

While some of us may feel that a little corroding of the Wharf's family friendly vibe might actually benefit the area, the man behind the dispensary does not actually see his business as conflicting with the existing wharf atmosphere.

Romwald Connolly, Krinze's CEO, started his own petition to make his case known.

"I started this petition because a petition is claiming my business isn't my 'family friendly' and should not open in Fisherman's Wharf," Connolly writes. "But the fact is, medical marijuana actually helps families with members who are suffering from chronic pain or other illnesses."

Connnolly knows of what he speaks, continuing that he "started Krinze because [his] father died of cancer, and medical cannabis would have helped him."

He then notes that he finds it "puzzling" that his proposed business is receiving push back, as "Fisherman's Wharf already features a slew of bars and nightclubs."

Hoodline reports that some of the opposition is rooted in concerns that statewide marijuana legalization efforts may mean that in a few years Krinze could sell recreational pot to anyone.

The man behind the petition fighting to block the dispensary, Troy Campbell, explained his fear to Hoodline.

"An MCD today could, in one year's time, be open for complete recreational marijuana," said Campell. "That is something we definitely don’t want to have happen."

Gina Simi, spokesperson for the Planning Department, confirmed to Hoodline that there are no zoning conflicts with the planned shop, and that its location would be perfectly legal.

"This proposed MCD is in a C-2 District, where MCDs are principally permitted," wrote Simi in an email.

In the end, Campbell may have to get over his objections and recognize that not everything in the Wharf needs to be 100 percent child friendly — just ask the patrons at the nearby Gold Dust Lounge.

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