Jeb Bush doesn't understand how hoodies work. And for some reason, Jeb Bush believes, apparently, that publicly demonstrating his lack of understanding of hoodies with a SF-based tech company schwag hoodie will somehow benefit him in the polls.

When the younger Bush brother came to San Francisco last July, the presidential hopeful made a concerted effort to show plugged-in San Franciscans that he, too, understood the disruptive power of technology. This manifested in predictable ways, such as when he hailed an Uber on his way to visit SF-based Thumbtack.

He also, it seems, took advantage of the classic tech-job perk: the free branded hoodie.

And then someone in his campaign office posted this horribly awkward video of the man who wants us to trust him with the nuclear launch codes to YouTube.

Fast forward to this past Monday, and you end up with the above Vine depicting the once Governor of Florida struggling to pull a fully zipped Thumbtack-branded hoodie over his head.

We here at SFist would like to take a moment to suggest that the potential next President of the United States investigate the disruptive technology of zippers. We hear they make getting in and out of clothes a lot easier.

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