Food delivery startup Munchery has been forced to cease operations at a Richmond District location after a citation from the Planning Department called the company out for using the building to store food and as an outpost for deliveries — practices in violation of the building's zoning.

The closure comes a year after the company was accused of improperly storing food and idling trucks at their Mission District location. Munchery then expanded their operations to another Mission District location, theoretically better suited to its needs, only to have many of the same problems arise at the new spot.

According to Richmond District Blog, neighbors of the new Munchery location were immediately upset about the way the company made the building looked essentially closed — barring the windows and tinting the glass.

“This is a large space in the middle of a vibrant retail corridor that should be attracting foot traffic," said one Clement Street merchant. "Not being used as storage for a tech start-up.”

In addition to improper zoning, a complaint filed with the Planning Department last month suggests that Munchery was once again constantly idling trucks.

"[Used] to be May Shun Trading Co., is now a distribution outlet for, a food delivery service. The gates are closed, the windows papered over, and refrigerated trucks idle there all day," the complaint reads.

Richmond District Blog reports that as of October 9th Munchery had ceased operations at the Richmond District building located at 554 Clement Street.

SFist reached out directly to Munchery co-founder and CEO Tri Tran for comment, but we have not received a response.

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