Yet another tourist was robbed of his camera in San Francisco this week in what looks to be a trending crime.

Police report that the would-be photographer was walking on Mason Street near Broadway at around 2 p.m. on Tuesday when a group of three men, described as being in their late teens or early twenties, attacked him, robbing him of his camera equipment. CBS San Francisco notes that the man, who is in his fifties, was punched in the face during the course of the robbery.

The assailants had a car waiting for them in which they fled the scene. As of yet, no arrests have been made.

Sadly, the incident marks yet another episode in a string of San Francisco tourist camera thefts over the course of the past year. Most notably, in one recent case a tourist was shot in the shoulder after attempting to chase down the men who stole his camera near the famously scenic section of Lombard Street. Those individuals also had a getaway car in place, although they were later apprehended by authorities.

Crime may not pay, per se, but camera theft is lucrative, and all the more so when the cameras stolen belong to television news crews. The armed robbery of such groups — even when live on the air, to recall an instance at Pier 14 this July — is such an assumed risk in Oakland that some crews now bring security guards with them when reporting in the East Bay city.

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