I could save this for Apartment Sadness, but at this point, it's old hat! Business Insider catches up with yet another young employee at Google who's continuing the grand tradition of willful homelessness, living in one of the campus parking lots, and eating and showering all in the Googleplex. Yes, in the case of 23-year-old software engineer Brandon S., who seems not to desire any life outside of work at this point, he figures he's better off paying off his student loans and investing his after-tax income than having any sort of life at all. So he's living in a box truck, which he bought for $10,000, in a twin bed. So frugal!

He says he figures he's saving 90 percent of his income, in fact, which is probably true if he never leaves the corporate dining hall to eat — but jeeezus how depressing. And does he have friends? Does he know the joys of sex, or wine, or like, adulthood yet?

He did take a camping trip over Labor Day, which he blogged about and said it was a nice change, but he writes that it's not a whole lot different than his truck life.

In the past, I've mentioned that living in the truck feels like perpetual camping. Think about it: I practically live outside, I forgo a lot of modern conveniences (namely heat, A/C, and a nearby bathroom), and I fall asleep to the sounds of nature every night (there's a shocking amount of wildlife at the edge of my parking lot).

Brandon got tired of pissing away $2,000 a month while he was interning at Google last year, living in the cheapest housing he could find, which was shared with four people. And in the truck, he doesn't even need electricity — just a battery pack to charge his phone, and his laptop lasts over night, though he says the wifi signal isn't quite strong enough to stream Netflix from the parking lot. Oh, and he feels bad about watching too much TV anyway, because he's too fucking smart for it. "Not having a TV/reliable internet (and by extension cable/Netflix) means I can't just plop on the couch, throw on some Beverly Honey Hills Ninja Boo Boo Warrior, and let my brain matter leak out of my ears," he writes.

Brandon's plan is a lot like this other frugal young software engineer we learned of just yesterday, Katharine, who is female, and who boasted of her cheap lifestyle in a VW bus. She, however, appears to at least live in the city.

Oh to be 23 and so goddamn practical.

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