Let's think for a second about why traditional dating sites are dying out and mobile dating apps like Happn are thriving. The complicated algorithms, personality tests, chemistry quizzes and questionnaires used by traditional dating sites sound awesome—until you realize they're not necessary for finding that perfect match.

In fact, meeting your perfect match isn’t nearly that complicated. Let’s use Happn as an example: You’re not required to fill out a lengthy questionnaire when you sign up. You’re simply given an opportunity to share your photos, your profession, and write an ‘about me’ section to tell potential matches what you’re all about. Happn does the rest by using your location combined with their real-time technology.

This way, you end up meeting people you share a common lifestyle with, and it doesn’t require any algorithms. Not only do you meet people you’ve crossed paths with, you get to see how many times you’ve crossed paths with that person. This is a quick, intuitive way to know how much you guys actually have in common.

Maybe you weren’t expecting the love of your life to live in the same apartment building as you, but thanks to Happn's spot-on, location-based technology, you were surprised to learn that they actually do.

Perhaps the last thing your best friend expected was that all along, the love of her life was a personal trainer at her gym. Since it’s a big gym and she prefers to hire female personal trainers, she may never have met him if it wasn’t for the app showing him in her feed.

Love can happen when you least expect it and where you least expect it. As soon as everyone realizes that the lengthy questionnaires and quizzes traditional dating sites make us fill out aren’t necessary to find love, we can move on to something better. These unnecessary tactics aren’t just annoyingly time-consuming; they're also dated and ineffective.

Since modern dating is all about using apps that allow you to be yourself, take a chance and meet someone amazing who was right under your nose the entire time. It’s about finding someone outside of your regular social circles, someone you just needed a bit of help finding.

Happn is free, and is available on iPhone, Android and Windows phone.

This post is brought to you by Happn.