House Democratic Leader and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi sat down, perhaps reluctantly, for an ice cream with Larry Wilmore at New York's Big Gay Ice Cream for The Nightly Show, and the results are pretty fantastic. She chuckles a bit with him about John Boehner's orange tan, but Larry tries to engage Nancy in some fun ragging on the President and his mom jeans, and she isn't having it. "I don't care," she says, after making a face.

She's eager to declare that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for 2016, though she says any of the Dems would make a good president. (Even Lincoln Chafee??)

And when Larry gets around to talking Trump, Nancy is a little more candid. He asks, "If we were at the inauguration of President Trump, would you be projectile vomiting or just throwing up in your mouth?" And Nancy just says, "It will never happen... He will never be President. And he knows that. I think this is about book sales and lecture fees — I mean for all of them."

Let's just remember that at this point in her career, when it comes to insulting Republicans, Pelosi gives exactly zero fucks.

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