It's still unclear what causes this to happen, but iPhones occasionally explode and burn people, and this happened to local car mechanic Kevin Abuyaghi — KRON 4, who reported the story, discuss how he's really in love with his new Audi S5, and how the incident left burn marks on the leather seat of his car.

Says Abuyaghi, "I just heard a little pop! I was like, ‘Oh crap!’ And it got really hot. There was black smoke everywhere for at least 30 seconds."

Some "experts" suggest that such incidents stem from pressure placed on the phones when we keep them in our back pockets and sit down — notably, the 6-series iPhones were shown to bend under such pressure. Abuyaghi's was a 6 Plus, and it appears it was in his back pocket.

Earlier this year PC Mag reported on 5c models having similar explosions causing burns, and those models are far less thin and bendable.

Digital Trends reported on another 5c exploding in an 8th grader's pocket, and on earlier model phones in Europe whose lithium batteries expanded, either from heat or over-charging, causing phones to split. Last October, an iPhone 6 exploded in an Arizona man's pants causing second-degree burns.

In Abuyaghi's case, he claims he was already headed to the Apple Store when the phone exploded because he was already having problems with the phone overheating when he used it for 10 minutes or more.

As he tells KRON 4, "Apple gave him a new phone immediately, and the 'genius' didn't question his story."