You guys, it's another one of those weeks. Isn't it? I can tell from the comments that a lot of you are feeling ground down, too. That's why, as I was penning reports on various horrible crimes this morning, I kept flipping back to the above photo to sustain myself.

Born at the SF Zoo, as you might recall, on August 30, this cub is the product of a union between Sukari, the San Francisco Zoo’s 13-year-old African lioness, and Jahari, the Zoo's only male lion.

To encourage bonding between the mom and the nearly six-week-old cub, zookeepers continue to give the pair a wide berth, Corrine MacDonald, the SF Zoo's curator of primates and carnivores, says. Instead, mother and child are watched via a surveillance camera placed in Sukari's lair, which is why this photo from Thursday has that "have-you-seen-this-suspect?" feel. But in this case, the crime the suspect is accused of is "too much cuteness," and no jury could convict that little face, could they?

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