Don't call it a comeback, because Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has already been back, serving as the company's interim CEO since Dick Costolo stepped down in June. But now, as investors like the outspoken Chris Sacca seem to desperately want, Dorsey looks to be the company's pick for permanent CEO.

That's the word on Market Street, on Twitter itself, and all over the tech blogosphere. Specifically, everyone is citing Re/Code, who also broke the news yesterday of a possible Twitter product that could expand the service beyond its 140 character limit. Looks like somebody has a good source at the company! Is that you, @jack?

As Re/Code writes:

There’s much to be done at Twitter, which is going through arguably the roughest stretch in the company’s history (which is saying something). The stock hit an all-time low in late August, and those close to the company are concerned about a lack of product vision coupled with the recent departure of three top product executives. Twitter’s product team has since been restructured, with Jeff Seibert, who was running Twitter’s developer products, now in charge of Twitter’s core flagship product instead.

Dorsey is expected to do double duty, continuing his role as CEO of the payments technology company Square. He's reportedly compared the two businesses to his two children.

Expect an announcement to be made as soon as tomorrow, and for Twitter's stock to continue to rise on the news as grumbling investors quit their grumbling.

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