We've been pretty spoiled the last few weeks, but now it's time for some early fall rain — some actual, non-drizzly, honest-to-god rain that lasts for more than five minutes. Weather Underground says that occasional showers are going to last until about 2:45 p.m., with light rainfall turning slightly heavier between 1 and 2. Also, there was a damp chill in the air this morning that I haven't felt since spring, so yes, fall is upon us. But! This is going to give way to a clear, sunny, and pleasant weekend with warm-but-not-hot days and cool nights.

Friday's high is supposed to be in the low 70s, while Saturday and Sunday should top out around 68, making for some pleasant lounging and imbibing at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass and Castro Street Fair.

And for now, so long as you don't have to go far for lunch, enjoy this pleasant bit of wetness because it might be the last we see of its kind for weeks — although the Chronicle says that "another cold system is forecast to move in Sunday, bringing cooler temperatures and a slight chance of showers."

Is rain this early a harbinger of more El Niño downpours to come? Stay tuned.

It's almost time again for soup and warm beverages, casseroles and braised meats, and if you want to try Peet's answer to the pumpkin-spice latte, the Mayan Mocha (note: They actually also serve a Pumpkin Latte), today might be the day.