What's that? Ur tired of dumbing down ur English 2 make it fit w/in Twitter's 140-character limit? Well, there may finally be a change coming to that arbitrary, 2007-era constraint, according to sources who spoke to Re/Code. This will be via a new product, the details of which are not yet known.

Twitter has, for years, internally struggled over whether to expand beyond its signature 140 characters, and recent changes have shown the company moving toward that in a concerted effort to attract new users as growth has been slowing. Already this year, the company lifted the limit on the length of DMs (direct messages), and it allows retweets with comments that allow longer limits as well. Also, Re/Code reports, execs are considering removing links and photos from the character count.

Reportedly the move to expand to long-form content comes from interim CEO Jack Dorsey, and his endorsement, as co-founder of the company, has been important in getting people on board internally.

Back in July, Dorsey had some strong words for the company's product team, saying in an earnings call that recent new products efforts had been "unacceptable" and adding, "We know what we need to fix. We know how we need to improve and we’re doing it."

Many have argued, especially as Twitter's stock price has been tanking and following the stepping down of CEO Dick Costolo in June, that the company's growth was always going to be stymied by the user experience of Twitter, which remains less inviting — and less readable! — than that of Facebook, with its now entrenched traditions of abbreviations, hashtags, and fragmented conversations.

Just yesterday, the New York Times was reporting that momentum was growing to make Dorsey's role as CEO more permanent, despite his ongoing role as CEO of Square.

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