According to Capp Street Crap herself, "This is happening."

So it would appear.... with details scant so far except a sign in the window that says "Coming Summer 2015". This we know: It's called Futo (presumably like futomaki), it's on 22nd near Mission Street, and you'll soon be able to savor Japanese-fusion burritos much, presumably, like those found downtown at Sushiritto. What's that, you ask?

Those are these:

Yes, pictured are giant sushi rolls for which you wait in a similarly giant line. The Geisha's Kiss is very good!

Indeed, much is likely to be made of the forthcoming sushi burrito invasion of a standard, which is to say Mexican, burrito bastion. To that, it could be added that "imitation is the highest form of flattery." Or something.

SFist will share more pressing details as they become available