An elderly woman, possibly experiencing "pedal confusion," plowed her Mercedes SUV through a gym where a number of people were in the middle of a group exercise class in Livermore early this morning. As KPIX/CBS 5 reports, the crash happened just before 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, and caused non-life-threatening injuries for five individuals in the class, and claimed the life of one woman, a 49-year-old Livermore resident who died at the hospital.

This all happened at the LifeStyleRx gym located at 1119 E. Stanley Blvd., and as you can see in photo above and video below, the woman's car didn't just crash into the front windows, but drove clear through the complex and into the group exercise room, where it crashed into a wall.

Per the LA Times and Livermore police spokeswoman Officer Traci Rebiejo, the DA's office will be reviewing whether to file charges against the driver. No signs of drugs or alcohol were reported, and the driver was uninjured.

Coincidentally, this happened less than a day after an elderly man, age 84, plummeted off a cliff in his car at high speed on Sutro Heights. His condition is not yet known.