After two Union Square tour bus company staffers saw a man they say was taking covert video up women's skirts, the duo followed the man and created enough of a scene that the police eventually took over.

ABC7 reports that Jason Juniel and Broadus Parker were in Union Square Thursday when they say they saw a man "getting close to girls while holding a shopping bag with a hole in one end."

The alleged photographer, identified as 67-year-old Gary Brooks, was "recording, he's got video holes and he's recording ladies under their dresses. He's got a hole in his bag. I've been following him," Juniel and Parker yelled as they followed Brooks on Powell Street.

"You a pedophile, man! Why you doing that?" the men hollered as Brooks attempted to escape his pursuers.

You can see the confrontation in the video below — there is profanity, so don your headphones if you're at work!

Attention Attention Beware Beware Beware Hello Facebook I caught this CREEP recording a little girl yesterday with a...

Posted by Jason Juniel on Friday, September 18, 2015

"Your face going all over Facebook, YouTube...we got you!" one of the men said to Brooks as they walked. (He did not mention SFist, but we won't hold that against him.)

After about two-and-a-half minutes of Brooks walking and Juniel and Parker following him and yelling, numerous SFPD officers reported to the scene, grabbed the bag and camera with which Brooks was allegedly recording girls without their consent, and cuffed Brooks.

"The camera was in the bag angled up perfectly toward the hole cut about the size of half a dollar so the lens of the camera could see directly up a skirt," Juniel told ABC7.

According to SFPD, one of the reporting officers "found more incriminating evidence" on Brooks' camera. He was cited for "disorderly conduct using a camera to look at women's undergarments," which is a misdemeanor. Brooks is expected to face the charges in court next month.