KPIX reports that running gear and shoes donated to Oakland youth group Running for a Better Oakland were stolen out of the ambulance in which they were being stored.

Writes one organizer: "I am so angry! The RBO ambulance, basically our mobile storage unit, was broken into last night. STOLEN: tons of running shoes meant for RBO kids, RBO water bottles and shirts, water jugs and post-practice snacks. probably more too. Just infuriating."

The crime occurred last Wednesday, with thieves even stealing water bottles and snacks. “There’s a sign on the vehicle that says the stuff is for needy kids, and they still took it,” maintenance worker Everett Ball told KPIX.

Running for a Better Oakland helps K-12 students “develop healthy lifestyles through running. By building confidence, setting goals, providing training and encouragement, RBO will give students the values for achievement and hard work that they can draw on for all areas of their lives.”

But the organization's board member Howard Nathel sees the bright side. “There will be positives out of this… we’re already feeling the love from the community,” he said.