Pictured: Ian Hespelt, the 39-year old who now finds himself in San Francisco County Jail on suspicion of four felony charges including assault with a deadly weapon as a result of his alleged attack with a U-Lock on a Zipcar during a Critical Mass bike ride at the end of last month. Not pictured: whatever amazing mustache wax he uses. Really extraordinary.

Hespelt was arrested in part for his telltale mustache — not for having it, although I personally have to say it is rather criminal. No, it gave him away, along with his bike, which was identifiable in the video of the attack, leading to his arrest near the Billy Joel Concert at AT&T Park

Also in the original video was a T-shirt reading "non-violence is our strength." But for the mugshot, Hespelt selected an orange garment instead.

The Chronicle spoke with 68-year-old Randi Hespelt, Ian's kindly sounding mother in San Mateo, who "said the story being circulated on social media and by online news reports is not the story she heard from him."

“The whole thing is from one perspective saying he’s to blame,” she said. “This would have never happened if the driver didn’t do what she did.”

Her son, of course, is a “pretty mild-mannered, and he’s a very, very private person.” She was "surprised" by his arrest but noted "he’s active in causes... very passionate.”

No word on whether she approves of that facial hair cause he's taken up.

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