Given a choice, would you choose something that's personalized to your tastes and liking over something that's "off the shelf"?

Chances are you are nodding your head in agreement.

And why not. We live in a world of abundant choices and personalization allows us the opportunity for making unique choices - choices which honor our individual tastes over platonic conventions.

Enter Teabox subscription program. The program recognizes that, much like clothes or wines, there are no universals in the world of tea - no one tea that appeals to all.

Designed to recognize and reward individual tastes, the program’s prediction engine plays not a game of estimation but of understanding patterns to craft a personalized tea experience that’s right up your alley. It takes into account your palate profile (generated through a short quiz) and preferences and an n number of scientific data points to pick teas that best match your tastes. This way you enjoy teas that are, squarely speaking, perfect for you.

Now you can be your own tea expert with our personalized tea discovery program.
And to make this deal sweeter, we are giving you 50% discount on your first box - Just enter the code SFIST50 at checkout. Head on over to the Teabox quiz here.

This post is brought to you by Teabox.