A big fire at a metal recycling plant on Mare Island in Vallejo has raised concerns for toxic smoke, though Vallejo fire department officials are being oddly nonchalant about it. Also, this is the second fire at the same location, The Alco Metal & Iron Company, in the last year, as the Chronicle reports.

The fire in Alco's 62,000-square-foot warehouse broke out last night before midnight and continues smoldering, with the structure full of things like used propane tanks, batteries, generators, and electronic waste. The fire caused 15 separate spot fires nearby due to high winds overnight.

Smoke conditions briefly shut down Highway 37, but no shelter-in-place order was given for nearby residents, as CBS 5 reports, because high winds were blowing the toxic smoke out of the area.

It's not clear which direction the smoke was blowing, however, and this seems like it would not bode well for air quality in the greater Bay Area.

Also, this fire is expected to continue smoldering, and emitting toxic smoke, for days to come, as NBC's Stephanie Chuang reports from the scene.

Almost a year ago to the day, on August 22, 2014, Alco's scrap metal yard also went up in flames, sending noxious smoke throughout the immediate area.