When I got a job offer in San Francisco, I had mixed emotions. I was thrilled, since living in sunny California was a fantasy I'd always had, but I was also pretty anxious. In my hometown, I had the perfect routine. I had a membership at a great gym, I knew where all the best restaurants and bars were, I knew exactly where to go for good sushi when I was craving it, I knew the best routes for an evening run, and I was dating a pretty great guy. Too bad I don’t believe in long distance relationships.

Being newly single and living in a new city would be pretty overwhelming for anyone. Aside from trying to meet people and date, I’d say that the endeavor of getting to know your new neighborhood without any help is the most stressful part. Figuring out which local spot serves the best seafood was going to take time, and I knew it would also be tough to find a bike trail that had the perfect amount of uphill and beautiful scenery. It’s not easy to stumble upon the best late-night delivery service when you’re new to a city, either. These were all things locals know, and I needed to meet a local who would be willing to show me around this beautiful city.

Luckily for me, three days into my new life, my co-worker suggested I download a new mobile dating app called Happn. She knew I was newly single and asked me if I’d used it yet. I downloaded it, and it made my new life so much easier—and not just my dating life. Here’s how Happn saved my life when I started fresh in the Bay Area:

I Met My Neighbors

For some reason, when I thought about meeting my new neighbors, Desperate Housewives popped into my head. Whenever someone new moved to the block on that show, the women would stop by, introduce themselves and bring a basket of freshly-baked muffins to say “welcome to the neighbourhood!” Well, you don’t need me to tell you that real life isn't like that, especially in apartment buildings. Plus, I’m admittedly pretty shy when it comes to introducing myself to anyone.

Happn is a location-based app that matches you with people you’ve crossed paths with. So, the problem of how I was going to meet my neighbours was immediately solved. Just like that, I met a couple of guys who work on the same street as me and I met a guy who lives in my building.

I Got to Know What Was Good in the Neighborhood

Being matched with people in my area worked wonders for me because I could ask people where to go and what to do in our 'hood. I didn’t have to wonder where the best restaurants were within walking distance from my apartment; I suddenly had an app that was introducing me to people who lived in my area and could give me the inside scoop.

People on Happn were so friendly! They’d actually take the time to ask me about my favorite foods and hobbies, then give me lists of great places to go. And since the info was tailored to me, it was better than just googling best-of lists. I also think the reason people on Happn were so helpful is because sitting down and chatting on the app is something people can do in their down time. Much better than trying to ask someone running past on the street, who's trying to catch a train, who can’t give you the time of day when you ask for directions or recommendations.

I Met My New Boyfriend

Remember earlier when I said that Happn matched me with a guy who lives in my apartment building? Well, I started dating him and it’s going great: we have a ton in common and we have a great connection. Now I have a boyfriend who lives in the same building as me—talk about convenience! If you're moving to a new city soon, I'd suggest you give Happn a chance. You can get it on iPhone or Android and it's easy to use, so there's no excuse not to get out there.

Happn is available for both iPhone and Android.

This post is brought to you by Happn.