It's disappointing news for a restaurant still finding its footing in Oakland's Glenview neighborhood, writes Inside Scoop. The Growlers' Arms, a British gastropub pouring english ales and churning out smoked pork bangers and oxtail puddings, will have one final service this evening and then close.

Seamus and Shelley Mulhall opened their restaurant near their home after years of planning and experience at high-end establishments like Chez Panisse and Gary Danko. "[It's] heartbreaking, but we just have to move forward,” Shelley tells Inside Scoop.


“Of course, we’ve thought a lot about what we did right and what we did wrong,” Shelley adds, “I feel that maybe it just wasn’t the right concept for this little neighborhood. There are a lot of families with kids here, and maybe it was just a little bit too upscale and people just wanted a more family-oriented restaurant."

Indeed, in quiet Glenview, such the ambitious project might have had eyes larger than its stomach. Now, the Mulhalls will weigh their options and sell the heartfelt restaurant.

The Growlers’ Arms: 4214 Park Boulevard, Oakland

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Smoked pork bangers oxtail puddings. Photo: The Growlers' Arms via Facebook