Get ready to spend more time in the general vicinity of fetish porn production! A new event space is opening full-time within the Armory, the Mission District sanctum of the premium fetish pornographers at, a site to which I'm not linking but am totally confident you can type into a web browser when you get out of work.

The move isn't a huge shock — Kink's CEO and impresario, the one-time Columbia dorm room porn performer Peter Acworth, has hoped that the space might return to its roots as a community space since 2011. "We want to resurrect this space as a place of assembly," he said at the time. In recent weeks, it's served as home to a massive Chemical Brothers performance, and in the past year has played host to theatrical performances and more.


“There aren’t many spaces this large or beautiful left in San Francisco,” says Audrey Joseph, the former president of the San Francisco Entertainment Commission closely associated with the Mezzanine and Club Townsend who will spearhead events in the drill court. "From the moment I saw the old drill court, I knew that if properly done, The Armory could transform the cultural life of the city.”


Surrounding its 80-foot domed ceiling, the Armory now boasts heavily soundproofed walls and windows, new restrooms, and new flooring. Its capacity is 4,000 people. “The space is ripe to tickle the imagination of any creative event planner and promoter,” says Joseph. “And the building itself, this incredible castle, evokes an almost erotic curiosity. It’s a destination space right in the heart of the city.”

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That Chemical Brothers Show.