Ever the masters of social media, some staffers at the San Francisco Zoo started a Twitter account for their "most popular herbivore," Boone the rhinoceros a few months back, which SFist noted back in May. Boone now daily raises awareness about rhino poaching in the wild, random jokes, his resemblance to rocks, and comments about life in his enclosure.

As the Chronicle reports, Boone is a seven-year-old black rhino who was born at the San Diego Zoo and moved up here three years ago.

Says Jason Watters, the zoo's vice president of wellness and animal behavior, “People want to hear directly from the animals,” said . “Most zoos have a mission of trying to educate and empower people to take conservation action and play a positive role in the survival of the planet. Boone’s a little goofy and awkward and perfectly helps us do that.”

Here are some recent examples. First off, he seems to have a very human dislike for Mondays.

He cracks wise.

He makes friends...

He even makes friends at other zoos, like Bao Bao, a panda at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., who also has a Twitter account.

And, quite frequently, he has trouble waking up.

Boone has now racked up over 1400 followers on Twitter from all over the country. Which is actually more than I have, so.

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