This is funny: A woman named Carmen who lives near Dolores Park has been distributing a flyer encouraging other neighbors to join her in getting Rec & Parks to do something about the fact that the park is so crowded all the time. Poor Carmen seems to think that too many "events" are to blame, and she says "All large events should take place at Civic Center. This is a neighborhood park. Not an Event Center." So true!

At this late date she is perturbed by all the drinking and the drug selling, not to mention the litter and the car traffic, and she wants something to be done! Also, she seems to think the park is to blame for "people walking nude down our streets." She's encouraging people to email Mark Buell, the president of the Rec & Parks Commission (though maybe she actually wants Phil Ginsburg, the manager of the department), whom she will be meeting with on August 6 at the corner of Dolores and 19th, at 4:30 p.m.

Something must be done about all this event-making! Maybe what all these park events need is a bouncer.

Carmen is aware, is she not, that neighbors have been complaining about this for well over five years, to no avail. Did she just move in?

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