A couple of subtle changes are coming to the graphic icons for Friend Requests and Groups on Facebook at the hands of in-house designer Caitlin Winner. As Winner discussed on Medium, she got "upset" over the shape of the female icon in the company glyph kit — one that we're all familiar with by now, with the Darth Vader-like helmet hairdo, as she describes it. Not only was the female icon designed with a chip taken out of one shoulder/collar, so that a male icon could be placed in front of it, it was always "literally in the shadow of the man" when the icons were put together, as in the Friend Request glyph you see below left.


So, she went about playing with different revisions to the female hairstyle, landing on a more modern bob (she noted, through iterations with ponytails, that in 32px icon form, ponytails just "resembled a small rodent more than a hairdo."

She also smoothed out the Archie cowlick on the male icon, and placed the woman firmly in front of the man on the dual icon.

And, in the new Groups icon, the newly stronger-shouldered female sits out front. Personally I haven't seen the change on my own Facebook page, but it's apparently rolling out as we speak.


As BuzzFeed puts it, "How’s that for equality?"