Assuming that you, like many locals, slept in or otherwise avoided the downtown madness on Sunday, you can thank I Heart Media SF for doing their Today Show- at-the-Macy's-Thanksgiving-Day-Parade best to cover the whole ordeal for you. On-air hosts Donna Sachet, Michelle Meow, and Joel Riddell take you through the entire parade, from the morning preamble, to the first rolling of the Dykes on Bikes at 10:30 a.m., through a remarkable, seven-and-a-half-hour broadcast. With the help of YouTube celebrity Davey Wavey, who somehow managed to keep his shirt on the whole time, they fill the many, many gaps in the parade, and — no, seriously, did people watch this parade for seven and a half hours?!? You could watch almost the entire Godfather trilogy in that time. Or fly to Guam. Or Aruba.

Anyway, next time you're trapped in a wi-fi-enabled cabin somewhere, laid up with croup, you can take it all in. All seven and a half hours.

Love wins, everybody. Yay for the gay (and T and L and B and all the Qs).

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