This post is brought to you by the SF SPCA.


With California in a devastating drought, San Franciscans are getting smarter about water. We’ve cut back on consumption by turning off the tap while washing hands, cutting showers short, and thinking twice about flushing.

But when it comes to calculating your water footprint, did you know that diet is far more important than household use? That’s because household water use pales in comparison to agriculture in California (agriculture uses 80% of the state’s water supply).
California’s water crisis is complex, but making a big impact by consuming drought-friendly foods doesn’t have to be. Just try to be mindful about how much water it took to produce what you eat.

If that sounds easier said than done, then start by getting a better sense of how much water is needed to produce your favorite foods. Quick tools online can help, like ones found here, here, and here.

Fortunately, there’s also an easy shortcut to keep in mind - animal products demand considerably higher amounts of water on average than do most food types (even almonds). To effectively and humanely conserve water, simply reduce meat, eggs and dairy in your diet.

California’s environment and farm animals thank you.