Once again, we're not jinxing anything, and tonight may or may not be the triumphant clincher for the Warriors' historic, at times mind-blowing, 2014-15 season. If it is, you can expect, probably, a few things will be set on fire. But let's try to keep it classy, Bay Area! Above is some fun historic footage from the KPIX/CBS 5 archive showing the 1975 Warriors team returning to SFO hours after their shocking win over the Washington Bullets, at a game they played in Landover, Maryland. The sound and picture are, of course, a bit bad, but you can see quick interviews with former Warriors Jamaal Wilkes (then known as Keith Wilkes) and a possibly drunk Rick Barry, shortly after they stepped off their plane in the wee hours of the morning, May 27, 1975.

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