When this photo surfaced on Twitter last night, there were jokes made about SF traffic, the city's many dogs, Ubers, etc.. All relevant remarks...usually.

But not this time! This beast, which has been seen around the city before...

Current situation with @jmontag #dogdays

A photo posted by eugene (@eugandeug) on

...is clearly not some over-indulged dog. This is a werewolf, a passenger (because, obviously, if it were the driver the car would have crashed!) in the vehicle who unexpectedly underwent the change, and thrust him or herself out the sunroof to avoid mauling others in the cabin.

Of course, as we all know from movies and TV, the secret of lycanthropy is a sacred one, and those who seek to unmask any of the afflicted will be met with the harshest penalties imaginable. That's obviously why the creature fixed Tweeter Sung Hu Kim and Instagrammer eugandeug with such a baleful gaze, as the social media sharers now must pay the ultimate price for unmasking this local beast.

Sadly, since I wrote this post, and you read it, we're next on the demon dog's hit list. Oh, well, it was a good run.

Update: Tyler Young seals his own grisly fate by announcing that he, too, published a photo of the monstrous canine on Tuesday night.

cruisin. #ilovedogs

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Our advance condolences to Tyler's family and friends. We're sure he'll be missed.

Additional update: DaveProsper? says that he, too "saw this rad dog a few weeks ago outside of Whole Foods on Ocean Ave." Well, DaveProsper?, that's not a dog, it's a werewolf who's GOING TO KILL YOU for revealing his secret.

Nice knowing you, DaveProsper?: